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Triple Creek, Elbow Valley

A parcel of 155 acres that will be serviced and zoned for residential use. 115 acres to be assigned for single family lots, 35 acres for multi-family lots and the remaining five will be used for commercial development. Plans are in place to use the existing waterways to enhance the project and create unique recreational facilities for the subdivision. Located southwest of Calgary, the parcel has access to several major thoroughfares and the commute into the city is 30 minutes.

Project Updates

March, 2019

A power of sale process was initiated and further information is anticipated in the next 90 days.

April, 2018

The development team continues to refine the development proposal for this project.

January, 2018

The development team continues to liaise with key stakeholders Rockyview County and the province of Alberta to aid in refining the development proposal and expedite planning approval timelines for the subject lands and surrounding area.

October, 2017

The Fortress Stakeholder team visited the site upon completion of the acquisition. The development team identified and spoke with key stakeholders, including local and provincial policymakers, to aid in the planning of a timeline for development of this project.

July, 2017

The development team at Fortress is working with development planning and engineering consultants with the goal of refining the low-rise development concept. The development team continues to have dialogue with the County of Rockyview on potential development design concepts.

April, 2017

Fortress has begun working with a development manager based in Alberta. Fortress continues to work towards the closing of the subject lands. The development team has started engaging development planning and engineering consultants with the goal of refining the low-rise development concept prior to any potential submission to the County of Rockyview

January, 2017

Fortress is in the late stages on finalizing an agreement with a development manager in Alberta. An announcement on the securing of the agreement is expected in early 2017. Fortress continues to work towards closing of the property. The development team is in place and work has commenced on the low-rise development concept.

October, 2016

Fortress successfully secured the site through the Alberta courts over the summer months. The development team is already in place to begin working on the low-rise development.

July, 2016

The legal process to take full control of the project is underway, and Fortress has been working with the existing lender to accomplish the takeover. Once this is complete, Fortress is prepared with a plan and a team in place to move a low-rise development forward.

January, 2016

A local engineering and planning team at Dillon Consulting is working with the team on updated plans and servicing proposals to initiate land-use approvals. The product type and development scheme will provide a better fit for marketing purposes when the lots go on sale.

July, 2015

The Fortress Stakeholder team is evaluating the current proposed plan to determine if this project will require any re-design to potentially reduce density and offer larger estate lots ranging from 1.5 to 2 acres. This plan would also promote the use of well and septic for the servicing and be less dependent on municipal timelines for sewer and water allocation. The team has been preparing a new plan that can be put into motion this fall.

July, 2014

The draft plan was submitted for this project towards the end of last year. The team has received comments and is working on revisions based on the feedback.