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Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is a mixed-use condominium apartment project from Apache Development Corporation. The property is located on the northwest corner of Old Mill Road and Cornwall Road and is part of a larger development known as Oakridge Heights, which stretches from Cross Street to the west, Go Transit Railway to the north, Old Mill to the east, and Cornwall Road to the south. The site is well located, within the designated urban boundary of Oakville, and southwest of the QEW and Trafalgar Road interchange.

Fortress was a development consultant during the pre-development phase of this project between 2012 and 2015.

Project Updates

March, 2014

The project achieved additional density towards the end of last year and the developer is finalizing refinance options.

December, 2013

The Town of Oakville approved a revised zoning proposal from Apache Developments in late October to allow for a mixed-use building – 29 residential units over 9-storeys. The height and unit count was unchanged from the previous proposal, but the approved development includes no office space, and a reduction in the retail use to approximately 1,665 sf. The resulting parking requirement is substantially lower due to removing the office use.

September, 2013

Planning work is ongoing, both residential and commercial scenarios are still in play. The project is on the October 21st council agenda for voting on the zoning amendment. In the meantime, the team is finalizing site logistics for the mix of residential and commercial in this project.

May, 2013

A new rendering is now available for the project. Planning staff will continue to review and analyze the proposed applications and address all technical matters, along with submitted public comments, and report to Council at a future meeting.

February, 2013

A new zoning application has been submitted.

November, 2012

The project still remains in the planning stages as local residents and city council come to a decision on two options proposed by the developer. Option A consists of a mixed- use development with both residential and commercial and Option B consists of commercial use only.

April, 2012

Meeting with city council regarding new plans.