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The South Shore

This waterfront development on the south shore of Lake Simcoe’s Cook’s Bay in the Keswick community of the Town of Georgina is now under construction. Georgina is located within the Region of York, on the border of the Greater Toronto Area.

The first building in the first phase of The South Shore is a 5-storey, 88 unit condominium apartment called the ‘Grand Marina’, the second building "Harbourview" is 5-storeys and 67 units. The team at In2ition Realty launched Harbourview in April of 2017. The site includes five acres of protected bird and nature lands, private docks off the Maskinonge River, and a private beach. Plans are in place to pursue LEED green building certification. The project will include an indoor pool, fitness centre, party room with kitchen, and sauna among the common amenities. Additional phases will include a mixed-use commercial and residential building and a separate full service hotel.

The South Shore Construction CAM

Updated July 2017. The construction crew is working on forming the footings for the foundation.

Following a busy summer of foundation preparation, opening a new sales office and reviewing construction contract bids, we now have steel piles on site with pile work to continue through the winter. Above grade construction will start immediately after that to build out this stunning waterfront development.

Nick Circosta, Vice President, Development and Special Projects, Fortress Real Developments

Project Updates

April, 2018

With the pile work complete at the South Shore, the development team is working on scheduling and budgets to start the above-grade construction. Bidding for the job will be ongoing in the spring, while the sales centre will be offering some unique springtime promotions for the final available units.

January, 2018

The foundation piles and concrete footings (pile caps) have been completed. Next steps include preparations for commencement of the superstructure, including the completion and modifications of the detailed drawings, and bidding and submission of permit applications. The sales office remains open during the winter months.

October, 2017

The pile caps are nearly complete at the South Shore and construction is ongoing. The project marketing team released a new “live free for a year” promotion. Visit for further details on the latest incentives.

July, 2017

The piles are in at The South Shore and the construction crew is working on forming the footings for the foundation. The preview opening of the second phase took place in early April, with broker In2ition Realty making nearly 20 sales in the second quarter and booking a number of future appointments. Occupancy is now scheduled for October of 2018. Interested purchasers should visit the off-site sales office at 225 The Queensway South in Keswick or visit

April, 2017

All pile work has now been completed on the subject ands and construction has commenced on the footings/foundation of the project. Completion of the foundation is expected by early summer, 2017. The South Shore is showing great success with our new marketing campaign. Our main Public launch commences on April 8, 2017.

January, 2017

Earthworks and shoreline works are complete. In addition, pile driving on site is 99% complete. Cutting down of piles to grade level is occurring on site, preparing the project for commencement of footings and foundations. Welding and work on the concrete footings began just prior to the new year. Renovations of the presentation centre are complete and ready for the opening of the Harbourview Wing sales program. Marketing has begun on this next phase, and interested purchasers should contact In2ition Realty at 905-286-5270 for details on the launch.

October, 2016

Deep Foundations continue the pile driving on site at The South Shore. The piles should be completed before the end of the year and concrete work will start above the piles in November. A new sales team has also been retained to complete the sales of remaining units in this stunning waterfront project.

July, 2016

Steel has arrived on site and pile foundation work has commenced. Final tree clearing has been completed, providing greater visibility to the site from the sales centre. The South Shore continues to obtain LEED Gold certification.

April, 2016

With half-load season now wrapped up, steel has been ordered to site for the pile work to commence at The South Shore. The test pile work was completed earlier this year and Deep Foundations has been contracted to complete this phase of the project.

October, 2015

Newly branded as The South Shore, Fortress opened a sales centre for the property in July, and has received tremendous response from the local community. Steel has been delivered to the site, and piles will be inserted into the ground in the coming months in preparation for the pouring of the concrete slab.

January, 2015

With all planning approvals for this waterfront condominium project in place, construction has begun, including site alteration and earthworks. New topsoil is being brought onto the site and will be graded. Following that, pile work will continue through the winter months.

October, 2014

New topsoil will be brought on site before pile work will begin. Pile testing and driving will continue through the spring. The ‘Grand Marina’ is currently almost 60% sold.

July, 2014

The development achieved site plan approval earlier this year and all requirements to begin construction have now been met. All permit requests have been submitted and construction on this project will begin in the fall.

May, 2014

The “H” holding provision has been removed and construction can proceed, Town of Georgina newsletter .

April, 2014

The project achieved a major milestone at the end of March by achieving site plan approval. The approval was granted for both buildings (Grand Marina & Harbour Villas) and all the shared amenities. Construction on this project will be phased and the initial work will start with the roads. The development team has secured interim financing to begin this work.

May, 2013

Shoreline work has commenced. Site clearing was completed as well.

November, 2012

Work continues on the project to satisfy minor municipal requests in order to achieve site plan approval. One request being, drilling to carry out the soil tests in preparation for construction of a new road.

August, 2012

The Municipality has requested a number of new items to be reviewed. Project consultants are now reviewing and revising the requirements to accommodate their new requests and resubmitting for final approval.

April, 2012

Engineer to mark trees approved to be removed for site preparation and the surveying for temporary road will take place on May 8th. Site clearing and temporary road construction to follow.

November, 2011

Submitted full site plan for approval.

April, 2011

New architectural design commenced.

February, 2011

Sewer and water allocation extended as needed.