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Vince Petrozza

Chief Operating Officer

Vince Petrozza is the C.O.O. at Fortress Real Developments, and has served in the financial services sector for over 10 years, helping individuals and businesses with their investments. Since 2002, Vince has led the operations side of Fortress in structuring high quality real estate development deals.

He is in charge of the due diligence teams and the adjudication process for evaluating real estate transactions in which Fortress chooses to participate. His family’s 20+ years of experience in construction and development offers him unique insights into deal analysis, structuring and monitoring and his passion is derived from a long-standing family involvement in construction and development. This passion and insight is key in helping to create new and vibrant communities through investments in development projects.

Vince also sits on the board of directors of several projects funded by Fortress and meets regularly with planners, architects and construction managers during the ongoing monitoring of projects.

Vince has an avid interest in sports and directs that enthusiasm to charitable projects and donations that help disadvantaged children participate in recreational and amateur sports across Canada. He is proud to have been involved in the development of the “Hockey Sweaters for Kids” program in Regina, Saskatchewan that will provide recreational opportunities for kids who miss out due to poverty and other barriers. He has also worked closely with Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment’s “Team Up” program to invest and support initiatives in the Greater Toronto Area.
Using sports and recreation as a conduit for community investment, Vince worked with Jawad Rathore to spearhead “Fortress Gives” — a new program focused on giving back to the communities in where Fortress is invested.