Fortress Real Developments is a diversified real estate development and investment company that partners with established builders and developers throughout Canada.

The built-out value of all Fortress Real Developments projects in 2014 was over $4 billion, with approximately 10,000 residential units either planned or under construction.

Fortress researches and tracks market trends to find valuable development opportunities in prime locations with strong metrics and absorption. Whether it’s commercial builds with global big box brands, a soaring residential tower in an urban center, quality low density homes in a scenic suburb, an exceptional land servicing deal, or a condominium community to serve our nation’s rapidly growing seniors market, you can always expect to find Fortress in the best markets.

Fortress provides ongoing expertise and stewardship from inception to completion. From analyzing and buying the land, to hiring the architects, to building the sales centre, to retaining the planners who obtain permits and approvals from the city to improving the quality of the development, our team is constantly evaluating how to add value to projects and push them closer to completion.