City Core Developments Inc. and City Core Management Inc. have been in the development and property management business since 1976. In that time, they have been involved in a variety of successful residential and commercial real estate development projects. Their projects have included single-family housing, multi-family condominiums, retail plazas, office complexes, industrial parks and senior communities.

Their philosophy is simple: To plan, design and execute each and every project with the utmost professional care, to pay attention to every detail, to ensure there is sustainability, innovation and quality in what they build and to apply their dedication to the satisfaction of all to whom they are committed.

Led by Jack Pong, the company prides itself on its commitment to building to the highest green building standards, and achieving a minimum of LEED™ Gold certification for every building constructed since 2005. Notable developments include the Springdale Professional Building, the SoHo Centre in downtown Toronto and the iconic Mozo development.