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The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers – Fall 2015

Wednesday September 9, 2015

Fortress Real Developments Inc. is pleased to release the fourth edition of The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers, SVP Market Research and Analytics. The Manuscript evaluates the state of Canada’s housing market, as well as the regional markets of Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

There is no housing report like the Market Manuscript, written by 15-year real estate research veteran Ben Myers, an analyst with a unique and diverse work experience. This robust 60-page report relies on third-party data presented in its proper context, as well as opinions and analysis from industry participants like residential developers, top economists and domestic housing analysts. The report also includes summary results from a new homebuilder survey, and digs deeper into the issues that concern folks with a financial interest in the housing market.

The Market Manuscript utilizes real estate facts and figures from independent sources to carefully assess both local and national trends. The report pulls together the opinions and predictions from seasoned market-watchers and local experts, supplemented by Fortress’ own forecasts and industry know-how.

Download the full report here:

The report provides answers to these 10 key questions:

Why are the majority of builders and developers in Canada bullish on the housing market? The report shows the  percent of homebuilders that are still looking for new sites.

What are main threats to the health of the Canadian housing market? Interestingly, household debt is not one of them.

Top Canadian economists questioned the validity of the Bank of Canada’s valuation studies. What extremely key data is the central bank missing?

Are Canadians prepared for an increase in interest rates? Experts weigh in.

Is there a soft landing coming to Canada’s biggest high-rise markets? Absorption of condo apartments at completion is near record-highs nationally.

Do foreign analysts know more about our housing market than we do? The Manuscript looks at the trend of selling Canada short.

There is a major misunderstanding about how developers and builders assess risk and reward when selling their high-rise condo projects. Is it true that some developers will NEVER lower their prices?

The average new single-detached house in the Toronto CMA sold for over $1 million in 2015, what factors are driving this growth? Additional price pressures are coming in the near future.

Ground-related new home prices in the Calgary CMA continue to increase. Why aren’t the declines in the energy markets influencing new housing valuations? Resale values are also holding steady.

The Ottawa CMA rental market remains very strong, why hasn’t the major influx of investor-held condo apartments negatively affected rents and vacancy?


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