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The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers – Pulse Edition, Fall 2017

Wednesday September 20, 2017

Fortress Real Developments Inc. is pleased to release the eighth edition of The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers, SVP of Market Research and Analytics. The Pulse Edition takes a deeper look at a number of topical housing market subjects, including Canada’s metropolitan area housing bubbles, Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan, and land-use economics via a survey of local urban planners. Reference the report on social media with the hashtag #MM8

The Market Manuscript | Fall 2017

Ben Myers provides an overview of what's covered in his latest research report

Author and analyst Ben Myers, applies his 15 years of real estate research experience in Canada and the U.S. to meld together original survey content, independent third-party data, and expert analysis for this latest release. The opinions of economists, academics, and industry-specific professionals are collected and presented in easy-to-read charts and infographics. Data is presented in its proper long-term context when appropriate, and quotes from analysts across the globe are taken word-for-word to avoid improper interpretation. Ben utilizes his previous knowledge as a housing market analyst, development consultant, mortgage agent, and home builder to add colour from both a theoretical and real world perspective.

Download the full report here:

The report provides answers to these 10 key questions:

What happened in the aftermath of Metropolitan Area housing bubbles in Canada? The Market Manuscript compares Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.

Low interest rates and rampant speculation are regularly discussed drivers of residential house price growth. Ontario is seeing a spike in another key housing demand driver that is rarely mentioned, what is it?

Is a foreign buyers tax a good idea? The report looks at early results from Vancouver and other global markets that have targeted offshore capital inflows.

The ill effects of rent control are universally agreed upon by economists, so why did the Ontario government expand it? The unintended consequences of price ceilings are reviewed.

Census data continues to be erroneously interpreted, and the number of vacant dwellings overstated. Is residential housing being underutilized by investors and AirBnB hosts?

Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan resulted in an immediate drop off in resale housing transactions, but was it really needed? The Fortress social media survey showed that people would have preferred a laissez-faire approach.

Should the Ontario Municipal Board be overhauled? Public and private professional planners disagree.

Ontario planners feel the Places to Grow Act has been unsuccessful in enhancing locals’ quality of life, and is partially responsible for high house prices. What percentage of millennials now plan to leave the Greater Toronto Area to find affordable housing?

A lack of infrastructure and political planning influence are impeding the construction of new homes according to urban planners. What solutions are being put forth to improve the supply of housing?

Average values in the GTA new condominium apartment market are growing in double-digits again, but not in the City of Toronto. Where are the hottest new condo markets?

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