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The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers – Pulse Edition, Fall 2016

Thursday September 22, 2016

Fortress Real Developments Inc. is pleased to release the sixth edition of The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers, SVP Market Research and Analytics. The Pulse Edition takes a deeper look at the most talked about and controversial subjects in residential real estate: foreign buyers and housing supply. Reference the report on social media with the hashtag #MM6

Market Manuscript Overview

Ben Myers provides a quick overview of his fall 2016 report.

Author and market research veteran Ben Myers uses his 15 years of real estate experience in Canada and the U.S. to meld together original survey content, independent third-party data, and expert analysis for this latest release. The opinions of realtors, economists, and industry experts are collected and presented in easy-to-read charts and infographics. Data is presented in its proper long-term context and quotes from analysts across the globe are taken word-for-word. The numbers, thoughts, and forecasts are presented logically and creatively offered with Ben’s own views and interpretations.

The report provides answers to these 10 key questions:

How much have foreign buyers contributed to Vancouver’s rapid house price inflation? The report looks at various conservative and aggressive scenarios.

Governments in New Zealand and Australia have taken action to curb real estate activity by foreign buyers, but has it worked? The Auckland and Sydney markets are examined.

There is strong opposition to commuting, and a strong desire to be more green. However, do environmental land protection and urban containment policies actually prevent sprawl?

Should cities infringe on individual property rights to maintain regional prosperity, financial welfare, and housing affordability? The Market Manuscript quotes various topic experts.

Housing has become less affordable globally for the past 25 years. What is the major contributor to this hockey-stick price growth?

Are Canadians prudent borrowers? Local Realtors comment on how indebted their clients are.

Is the fear of missing out and self-reinforcing price expectations driving people to buy homes in Canada? Several studies, including our own, come to a different conclusion.

Sales of GTA ground-related new housing is down in the first half of the year. Has this sales decline negatively impacted new home pricing?

The population continues to grow in Alberta. What does that mean for housing starts activity in Calgary and Edmonton?

Resale house prices have improved in Winnipeg and Regina in the second quarter. What are the new housing forecasts for these markets?

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