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The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers – Spring 2015

Monday March 9, 2015

Fortress Real Developments is pleased to release the third edition of The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers, SVP Market Research and Analytics. This robust 50-page report relies on hard data and expert opinion to dispel common misconceptions about the residential real estate market in Canada, and responds to many of the misleading and statistically insufficient housing-related studies that garnered widespread attention last year.

The Market Manuscript utilizes third-party real estate facts and figures to carefully assess both local and national trends. The report pulls together the opinions and predictions from notable real estate economists and seasoned market-watchers, supplemented by Fortress’ own forecasts and survey results.

The Manuscript evaluates the state of Canada’s housing market, as well as the regional markets of Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

Download the full report here: 

The report provides answers to these 10 key questions:

What are the chances of a major housing correction in Canada? You might be surprised at how low.

What is the definition of a housing bubble? The experts don’t agree.

A major Canadian bank concludes that housing in Canada is UNDERVALUED. Which bank and why?

What impact will the falloff in oil prices have on Canadian house prices? This country’s analysts weigh in, while we reveal that more times than not, new house prices don’t decline when oil prices do.

The two-variable analyses like price-to-rent and price-to-income are flawed. Why did 94% of housing analysts say these studies have no power to predict future price movements?

Does Canada’s central bank think we are overbuilding? Click the link below to find out.

We polled the general public with the help of Buzz Buzz Home. Will their projections be more accurate than those of the country’s most experienced economists? See how the forecasts stack up.

Are foreign condo investors good for Canada? Find out how many people said yes.

Fortress had the best housing starts forecast for the Toronto CMA in 2014, who had the best in the other markets?

The top metropolitan housing market in North America was a Canadian metro area, but which one? You won’t believe the answer.


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