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The Market Manuscript 5 Media Round-Up – Part 1

Friday May 6, 2016

By Ben Myers, Senior Vice President, Market Research and Analytics

In March, Fortress released the Spring 2016 Market Manuscript housing report (MM5), the fifth edition of our bi-annual evaluation of residential markets in Canada. The report has been downloaded over 1800 times from users in 23 countries across the globe.

Over 100 documents were sourced for MM5 and the most talked about subjects in housing were addressed. Several of the topics piqued the interest of the media and the real estate industry. Take a look at some of the coverage below:

  • Are low interest rates and household debt a problem for Canadians? See this article.
  • Is shallow analysis and inadequate data impeding our ability to understand the housing market in Canada? See this article.
  • There are plenty of places to get analysis on Canada’s housing market, which ones do you trust? See article.

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