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About Us

We identify and add value to real estate development opportunities in high-growth locations across Canada.

Fortress Real Developments

We are a diversified development and consulting company that focuses on quality projects with recognizable alpha in residential low-rise, high-rise, mixed-use, commercial and industrial market segments..

Fortress’ development portfolio is made up of over 80 projects. We have partnered with over 25 builders and developers in these projects across five provinces. Our current portfolio includes over 10,000 units, with an estimated land value of over $1 Billion and a built-out value exceeding $6 Billion. As of January 2018, we have successfully completed and exited our interest in 27 projects.

What We Do

We evaluate, and execute on real estate development opportunities with strong metrics in prime locations.

Fortress’ development team brings over 75 years of combined real estate experience to our projects. Project management, planning expertise, market research and evaluation capabilities are key to our project selection process. The project portfolio is monitored and stewarded throughout the development process to bring vibrant communities to major markets across Canada.

Our Business

A key to our business and success is the strength of our partners.

Fortress’ focus is on identifying value opportunities for our stakeholders and our diversified portfolio has benefited from the experienced development team and strong development partners. Since inception, we have established key relationships with development, construction, finance, legal, planning and marketing partners to help make Fortress a unique force in the real estate development industry.